Alexandra Palace ("Ally Pally") Museum !

The on-line museum of Alexandra Palace antiques and collectables: souvenirs, memorabilia, postcards and images of this iconic building and the surrounding area.

Alexandra Palace - Opened on 24 May 1873, the original building was destroyed by fire sixteen days later.The new building, still surviving, was opened on 1 May 1875.

In 1935, the eastern wing was leased to the BBC which produced the first public television transmissions in 1936. Alexandra Palace was the main transmitting centre for the BBC until 1956. 

There was a horse-racing track, nicknamed "The Frying Pan", which closed after 102 years in 1970.There is an original music hall theatre inside the Palace as well as a renowned Willis organ.

The building suffered another disastrous fire in 1980.

  "The Park is laid out in ornamental walks and garden beds; cricket, archery, and croquet grounds; a racecourse, with a grand stand ; trotting rings, gymnasiums, pleasant walks, running grounds, lakes, undulating drives, and numerous plantations. In various parts of the grounds are several novel buildings - a Japanese village complete, as in the Vienna Exhibition of 1873 ; a Norwegian house of varnished timber; a circus for horse riding; a large swimming-bath, a lake for boating, a rustic water-village raised on piles, etc. In addition, the visitor may find his way to the grove in the rear of the Japanese village, where a military hand performs during the summer."       From Black's Guide to London and Its Environs, (8th ed.) 1882